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Music Video Analysis: Bedtime Story


Hello everyone! This month’s music video to be analyzed is the for “Bedtime Story”, as chosen by you. While this video is tricky for its various sources of inspiration, it’s one of her best, if not the best, and an underrated one by most fans. I am sure that, after reading all of this, you’ll…


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VICE Meets Madonna

Back in June the entire VICE staff was invited to a theater in Brooklyn to watch a new film made by Madonna. Most of us didn’t know what was going on, what the film was, or what VICE had to do with it. All we knew was Madonna herself was going to be there and we were all expected to show up. Our other plans were canceled, happily. After all, what sort of goober would blow off Madonna? Once we arrived we learned that VICE and Madonna were embarking on a new partnership in support of global artistic expression called Art for Freedom, and her film was kicking off this beautiful union. Titled secretprojectrevolution, the black-and-white short is visceral and sexy. It has gunplay, old-timey costumes, and beautiful women. Madonna stars in it, and she’s fierce and radiant, of course. She also supplies the film’s inspirational voiceover. You should take a minute to download the film right here via BitTorrent. After the screening there was a brief Q&A during which Madonna graciously answered a cringeworthy question from someone in the audience about whoring herself out to commercial interests. Thanks for putting up with us, Madonna!

VICE creative director Eddy Moretti recently interviewed Madonna in London. They talked about Madonna’s tendency to provoke people as a teenager, her inspirations, and her desire to foster free speech around the world. Watch the interview above, and then check out secretprojectrevolution and get involved with Art for Freedom.

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Unusual for the mid-1990s, Madonna talked about the new single on the Internet in 1994, with a 30-second sample of “Secret" and the cover image of the then-unreleased Bedtime Stories. She also left a message with the following words:

Hello, all you Cyberheads! Welcome to the 90’s version of intimacy. You can hear me… You can even see me… But you can’t touch me… do you recognize my voice?… It’s Madonna. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Or, should I say, often irritated? If you feel like it, you can download the sound file of my new single “Secret”, from my new album, “Bedtime Stories”, which comes out next month. I just shot the video in New York, and will be premiering an exclusive sample of it online. So check back soon. In the meantime, why don’t you post me a message and let me know what you think of my new song. And by the way, don’t believe any of those online imposters pretending to be me… ain’t nothing like the real thing. Peace out.